Put your big data to work

Big Data

Knowing more about your business and market—and knowing it faster and sooner than others—is the best way to gain a competitive edge. But to get there, you need business analytics from enterprise-class Big Data/ Business intelligence (BI) solutions.

Many organizations want to modernize their Big Data/ BI infrastructures and practices — including information management, data quality and data integration—to improve agility and efficiency, but don’t know where to start.

At Xcaliber, we believe a successful Big Data/ BI services strategy is not just about delivering the correct information, it is about delivering the right information to the right people at the right time and in today’s world of multiple devices, also the right place.

Xcaliber's Analytics practice provides the below services to clients:

We develop advanced analytics strategies, helping clients derive competitive advantage from their data assets and analytic capabilities. We deploy advanced analytics for decision support, helping clients improve operational effectiveness and efficiency through innovative uses of data and analytics. We help clients build the advanced analytics organization and capabilities required to execute strategies and deploy decision support applications. We support organization and capability building with our unique approach to change management.

These three services are tightly integrated with Xcaliber's broader industry and consulting services expertise. And, while some sectors are further along than others when it comes to deploying analytics, Big Data presents opportunities for all companies to increase performance. In fact, GVS IT Solutions research demonstrates that the competitive edge to be gained from analytics is real: companies that are able to use analytics insights to change the way they operate or to improve their products and services are twice as likely to be in the top quartile of financial performance within their respective industries.

Big Data Service Offerings

  • KPIs Score Cards & Dashboard
  • Driver Based Analytics
  • Business Use-case simulation
  • Machine learning techniques
  • Regression techniques
  • Portfolio, product or economy-level prediction
  • Advanced & Complex Data Analysis
  • Dashboards, Charts, Graphs
  • Trend Analysis
  • Data extraction layer
  • Data Discovery & Use Cases Identification
  • Unstructured & Structured Data Collation
  • Advanced Data Processing through the big data query engine
  • Big Data Warehousing & Analytics

We align the right cloud fit for your Big Data requirements for easy access of data anywhere anytime. As part of this solution, we can:

  • Capture streaming data and real-time analytics
  • Elastic Hadoop/Spark clusters and batch analytics
  • Data Lakes to enable storage and retrieval of multi-format / multi-temperature information